“IN BED” (excerpts) by Kennith Koch

Kennith Koch is more noted for his Avant Garde plays (which are amazing, but not poetry) than he is for his poetry is something that I have noticed in the past year.

I found out about Kennith, originally,  Spring Break ’09 when I visited San Francisco with my cohort, Mr. Fenner. When we were in City Lights bookstore, we were going through the stacks of books that were on the shelves, looking for anything that caught our eye. I remember I grabbed a book that was a critique of Modern poetry because it had a quote from Walt Whitman on it. Mr. Fenner grabbed a book of Kennith Koch’s complete works because, as he said, the cover looked really cool. In all fairness, it really does look cool. He read me this one poem out of it and we were writing our own versions for the rest of the trip. So here you go. This is just a small portion of the poem. Check out the rest of his stuff!

“In Bed” (excerpts)by Kennith Koch

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image/music/text #2: Concrete Poetry cont.

Do you feel like having your socks knocked off? Do you feel like you want to see a poem that is just going to make you go, “wow, I hadn’t thought of that before!” Do you want to see something that just makes feel as refreshed as that feeling when you wake up on Sunday morning knowing that your only plans for the day are going to the Hillcrest farmers market on Normal St. with a cup of coffee from Peet’s in your hand and something really groovy going on the turn table as you get ready for the day? (That last part might just be me, but let me tell you, it is a GREAT feeling. Try it.)

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So, dear Poetry Society members. If you are reading this, you did not send me any of your poetry for me to put up on this little blog we call home. Do you know what that means? I get to subject you to one of my poems.

Perhaps you are not a member of the Poetry Society and you happen to be reading this. Then, you have the option to have your self subjected to one of my poems.

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image/music/text #1: Concrete Poetry

OR “Stanzas, who needs stanzas?”

This is the start and a part (rhyme just in time!) of a new series showing off that poetry doesn’t always have to be confined to just the typical letters on a page, arranged in stanzas and lines.

So here is some concrete poetry from Michael Basinski, thanks to Ubuweb for hosting such amazing things. Check them out, it is an amazing resource!

B typed by Michael Basinski, USA

How Much Fun Is Too Much Fun?

When is the last time you had fun in Storm Hall on the SDSU campus? Was it with the SDSU Poetry Society? That is where our meetings are held, Room 238! April 6th is going to be the first public one, so get your dancing shoes laced up, turn that frown upside down, memorize the middle eighth to “I Want To Hold Your Hand” and come to the meeting.

Here is a little sneaky-sneak preview of the future!

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Member Mondays #1: New York Zen

Howdy howdy! A new thing I am starting here is called Member Mondays, where I’ll toss up a poem from a different SDSU Poetry Society member every monday. Why? Because as Pavement once said, “And the check, when it arrived, we went dutch, dutch, dutch/Dutch a redder shade of neck on a whiter shade of trash.”

So here is the first one from our fearless leader, Amy!

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Caption by Lihn Dinh

Caption by Lihn Dinh

Before photography, people didn’t exist.
Blow it up, I’m in the doctored details

In this picture, and this one, I’m in
Each photo, in the cool blur, in the

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